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From "Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado" <>
Subject Re: Setting up Wave for client development (my experience setting up on WindowsXP)
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2013 22:46:08 GMT
El 04/12/13 23:31, Thomas Wrobel escribió:
> How many strings we talking about here? I use dictionary all the time, but
> never for more then a dozen parameters.
> The downside I think is that the end user will have to load all the
> languages they arnt using - but unless we are talking about hundreds of
> words here, that's likely insignificant. Plus, it would let them select a
> languages from a menu and have it change instantly without refreshing.

$ for i in `find src -name *`; do cat $i | egrep -v
"^#|^$" ;done  | wc
     79     367    2267


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