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From Jon wright <>
Subject Re: Incubation status
Date Fri, 29 Nov 2013 14:14:04 GMT
> So, it appears that I could do with running some 'tutoring' sessions
> with people to cover
> a) Running a server
> b) Advanced server admin: a) SSL, b) Federation
> c) Codebase overview - with a focus on the client side for all the GWT
> coders around.
> Ali

That would be really useful and welcome. And even though its not
writing code its probably more of a contribution to the project
because thats what it needs the most.

> (Hop on to and we can discuss this... :p)

I cant right now because I'm in the office working. But I would say it
would be worth while picking a time in the future where a number of us
can go through the steps involved together. Then as other people get
familiar with how things work, they can do the same.

Good suggestion..!

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