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From Felix Wackernagel <>
Subject Java Client API
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2013 10:13:57 GMT
i have two question about the Java Client API.

1) I load all Wavelets from a Wave and found only the information how
many message of a wavelet is unread but not which one is unread. I read
in the Whitepapers about a User-Wavelet which stores such informations.
I use the getDataDocuments() method on the Wavelet but it is everytime
empty. Exist another way to get this informations or is some extra calls
needed to the data model?

2) And the second one is abount the real-time comunication. The Java
Client uses a simple HttpClient which creates for everytime a seperate
connection between client and server. But i read that this comunication
uses WebSockets to send messages from server to client automaticly. It
is possible to make a WebSocket call to the server?

I hope some one can help me to bring a little bit more light in the wave

Best regards,

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