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From Thomas Wrobel <>
Subject Re: Android Client for Apache Wave
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2013 22:45:41 GMT
I am highly, highly interested in a real android client.
Way way back in the google days we had direct communication working
with any  FedOne sever, but its long been broken.
Our goal is making a Wave based open source AR solution for a shared
3d world (see;
Sadly, having no sever skills the projects been in limbo the last few years.
Thomas & Bertines online review show:
Try it! You might even feel ambivalent about it :)

On 20 September 2013 22:29, Felix Wackernagel
<> wrote:
> Ali Lown <> schrieb:
>>> I an new to wave andere try to build an android wave client.
>>That would be great. It is something people are often asking for, but
>>none of us have enough time to develop it ourselves.
>>Could you work on it with your source somewhere (e.g. Github) so we can
> I can create a Github project with my current state. I combine all dependencies to one
android project. I send tomorrow a link to it.
>>> I found a prototype which was build the company processone but i fail
>>after oauth
>>> authentication with my google account. It tries to connect to a rpc
>>> fom google which can be noch longer in use.
>>Correct. None of Google's servers relating to the service are still
>>If it was using the data api, then this protocol lives on in Apache
>>Wave (and might even have enough working to work with this client).
>>Where did you find this client, I wasn't aware of ProcessOne still
>>working on it? Could you post a link?
> Here are the wave api:
> Andere here the android part:
>>> If anyone has a good hint for me about wave and android or a running
>>> of a simple java client please tell me.
>>There is some useful information on our wiki:
>>however, you will find that the best way to find out exactly what is
>>happening, is often to look through the source code.
>>If you have any more questions, please drop the list a line.
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