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From Ali Lown <>
Subject Re: Android Client for Apache Wave
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2013 20:04:09 GMT

> I an new to wave andere try to build an android wave client.

That would be great. It is something people are often asking for, but
none of us have enough time to develop it ourselves.
Could you work on it with your source somewhere (e.g. Github) so we can see?

> I found a prototype which was build the company processone but i fail after oauth
> authentication with my google account. It tries to connect to a rpc server
> fom google which can be noch longer in use.

Correct. None of Google's servers relating to the service are still running.
If it was using the data api, then this protocol lives on in Apache
Wave (and might even have enough working to work with this client).

Where did you find this client, I wasn't aware of ProcessOne still
working on it? Could you post a link?

> If anyone has a good hint for me about wave and android or a running demo
> of a simple java client please tell me.

There is some useful information on our wiki:
however, you will find that the best way to find out exactly what is
happening, is often to look through the source code.

If you have any more questions, please drop the list a line.


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