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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: Why does nobody vote on the release?
Date Sun, 15 Sep 2013 13:13:57 GMT
Am 13.09.13 11:33, schrieb Fleeky Flanco:
> joseph, the latest rc does do federation. also is more stable.
> christian, i still personally think we need to do things on wave. trying to
> get people to use wave and not using it ourselves is silly. now we also
> have federation, so what should really happen is a big push for everyone to
> upgrade to the current release and to figure out how to federate with
> eachother.

Sure, all software is work in progress. You maybe have heard the mantra:
"release often, early". I believe a release process must be learned and
trained as any other process. Even if the code base is not ready for
prime time, Wave should make releases. It's not about making the best
super-duper tool of all ages. It's about showing that this project is
able to make a release at all - or not.
if we can't make a release at all, this project has a problem. Voting on
releases simply shows if there is a community or not. Even when the
community says -1 its perfectly valid.

Not responding is not good.


> i am currently working on that, my server skills are still a bit weak
> though so it will take me a bit but i definitely plan to get federation
> working on my end and then to connect to as many other wiab servers as
> possibles.. once that happens i think i will try to keep atleast some kind
> of mirrored discussion, that keeps up on the topics of this mailing list.
> also, people should idle on irc more on #wiab. there are
> fun interesting talks happening everynow and then :)
> fleeky
> On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 6:35 PM, Joseph Gentle <> wrote:
>> On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 12:36 PM, Christian Grobmeier
>> <> wrote:
>>> Am 12.09.13 20:35, schrieb Ali Lown:
>>>> It seems nobody else is able to give feedback at this point.
>>>> Christian raised some things that are worth doing, so I may as well
>>>> start again with RC5, which I will push up in a few weeks time. [It is
>>>> a bit too busy for me ATM.]
>>>> Hopefully, by being a bit later, people won't be on holiday, so will
>>>> be able to review it. :P
>>> I would say save the time for now.
>>> It has been 2 weeks time for voting. This project has seen messages.
>>> It's september, not mid of august.
>>> We got 1 (!) community vote. Vincente mentioned he is away (thats fine)
>>> and John is not so much into gory technical details (accepted so far).
>>> But where were the others? Is it really holidays which prevents the
>>> vote? Do we ALL have holidays at the same time?
>>> Before we move on with a new RC, i would like to know from the people
>>> listed here:
>>> why they didn't vote.**
>>> Was it really holidays? No interest? No time?
>>> It has been *a lot* of work for Ali to deal with the ASF release
>>> procedures and kick out multiple RCs. It would be worth to know if he
>>> should continue and if there will be any voters in the future. If there
>>> is nobody who is willing to open a zip file, look into it and send out a
>>> +1, then its really alarming. It took me 30 minutes or so to check the
>>> release. This is not so much.
>>> I have hoped the excitement in the project after John and a few others
>>> appeared was so big that we would have managed to get a new release out
>>> for review. If others, maybe Incubator Shepherds* look at this project
>>> now, they would think: no community.
>>> Please let me - us - know what you who are on the list above prevented
>>> to vote**.
>>> Cheers***
>>> Christian
>>> * Incubator Shepherds are Incubator PMC people, who look independently
>>> from the mentor on the activity of the project and provide a second
>>> insight for the report
>>> ** Of course I don't want you to speak out anything which should be kept
>>> private - remember this is a public list. I just want to know: is there
>>> a realistic chance that we ever get more than 3 votes? 3 are required to
>>> get it out, but given the huge list of committers we should get more
>> votes.
>>> *** I am not a native speaker - and I hope my email doesn't sound to
>>> angry. I am not. I would be dissappointed if it finally turns out that
>>> we have lost the energy and steam of the past days
>> I was happy a few RCs ago, and I mailed to say so. If most of the
>> changes are in licensing files, well, whatever.
>> I haven't tried to install the current RC. The thing I'd want to check
>> is federation, but unless anything has changed in the last couple
>> years, I expect it to be a nightmare to set up. And without manually
>> trying that out, I don't have any more comments to add.
>> Thats my thoughts, since you asked for them.
>> J
>>>> Ali

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