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From Ali Lown <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Wave 0.4 based on RC4
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2013 22:21:42 GMT
The time has finally come, after many weeks of anticipation: RC4 is
now available for review.

Major changes include:
- More licensing fixes
- Federation works
- New and updated translations
- And more...

Artifacts can be found here:
(Remember checksums are from 'gpg --print-md SHA512 $f > $f.sha')

This is taken from tag 0.4-rc4:

A summary of useful information can be found in RELEASE-NOTES, and a
list of changes in CHANGES at the above artifact distribution url, as
well as being included in the tarballs/zips.(zipballs?)

If you could test these on some other machines and provide some
feedback, that would be great.

This vote will close around 0000 GMT 3rd June 2013.

[ ] +1   Release it!
[ ] +0   OK, but...
[ ] -0    OK, but you really should fix....
[ ] -1    Definitely not because...


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