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From Joseph Gentle <>
Subject Re: Apache Wave Hangout - Link to Episode One
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2013 20:56:51 GMT
Maybe. We can expose a similar client<->server API despite changes to
the OT. If we're also changing the data type, that *will* effect the
client. (And those two changes can happen in parallel)


On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 1:32 PM, Thomas Wrobel <> wrote:
> Question; Will changes in the OT (and thus server to server) effect
> how clients communicate with the servers?
> Is the intention for client<>server communication be similar to server<>server?
> If not, I am just wondering if they are not tied together, then if
> development can happen in parallel?
> Because to me;
> "...that can support multiple apps in a
>  common data model?"
> To get those apps coming, all thats needed is some sort of way to tell
> the server what you want to don't necessarily need *how* the
> server does that to be fully established yet.
> I think usefull mobile clients could be made even with a small subset
> of wfp abilities - its not like everything needs to be implemented for
> work to start.
> On 31 July 2013 22:11, Joseph Gentle <> wrote:
>> I still want a technical deep-dive on OT at some point.
>> Issues:
>> - Are we building a platform or a product? (In my opinion our platform
>> isn't good enough, and thats where I want to focus our efforts for
>> now)
>> - What OT algorithms should we use?
>> - If we use Torben's OT system, how expensive is it actually for daily
>> use? Is there a way to make it fast and still sign operations? Is
>> there a way to use OTR?
>> This stuff is more important than figuring out our mobile strategy for now.
>> -J
>> On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 10:15 AM, John Blossom <> wrote:
>>> Thanks to Alex North, Ali Lown, Bruno Gonzalez, Jérémy Naegel, and Joseph
>>> Gentle for their active participation in our first Apache Wave team
>>> hangout. We also saw Christian Grobmeier trying to connect briefly, and
>>> some others are listed as having went, but that was the core group online.
>>> You can view the event at:
>>> We had a pretty good discussion, though it would have benefited from others
>>> more focused on OT, no doubt. I think that we've demonstrated how to use
>>> the technology to communicate in the community and to further leverage it
>>> to make the world more available of Apache Wave development and where it
>>> stands. I don't what to be the permanent host of these hangouts, or any
>>> person-to-person communications, but I am glad to help facilitate them as
>>> needed. It's a communication tool, and any way that we can use it as a
>>> community in ways that reinforce its goals and values is good.
>>> The main question coming out of this hangout from my perspective is this:
>>> how to we choose a path for development that will result in a powerful
>>> solution for mobile collaboration that can support multiple apps in a
>>> common data model? I don't know that a Hangout is the place to solve that,
>>> this is probable the best place to start. In the meantime, I will be glad
>>> to help create a new "office hours" event on Hangout and have people decide
>>> what they want to discuss. Thanks to everyone who participated, the
>>> logistics seem to have worked out pretty well.
>>> John Blossom

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