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From Ali Lown <>
Subject Commit/Review Thresholds?
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2013 11:57:05 GMT
(Prompted by vjrj's bumping of the reviews today)

Currently we are using review-then-commit, but it seems (to me) fairly
rare to get a useful review from it (if anybody bothers to review at
It also seems fairly pointless for 'simple' commits (most/all of the
ones currently in the queue).

Christian has raised this before, but it hasn't really had a
conclusion made about it.

I feel that we would be much better served with the committers simply
committing changes as-and-when (we have commit mails anyway).

Though, this may seem like it presents too much risk on the committer
for 'breaking' something, there is no reason 'trunk' should always be
compilable. (This is what we have branches (e.g. make a 'stable'), or
releases for).

Perhaps the best answer is some hybrid, so that 'trivial' commits are
just done, but major changes are reviewed. (Think: Commit
'improvements to logging', Review 'adding i18n support').

Can I request 'informal' votes:
+1: Commit everything always. Make releases for stuff that should be compilable.
+0: Commit/review hybrid
-0: I don't understand/see any difference, but will defer to somebody else
-1: _Always_ review everything.

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