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From "Ali Lown" <>
Subject Review Request 12725: Assorted federation fixes
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2013 15:54:43 GMT

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Review request for wave, Bruno Gonzalez, Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado, and Yuri Zelikov.

Repository: wave-git


Federation has been broken for a while again, with assorted shiny's and server-side errors
if somebody attempted to make it work.

This patch is the squashed form of my 2013-fedfix-test branch, so to see each individual part
it is probably easiest to read the commit log at
(Rebased against currently trunk).

This patch results in federation working again.
It also adds assorted logging (mostly at FINE) level of useful things to enable debugging+fixing
of this section of the codebase in the future.


  src/org/waveprotocol/box/server/frontend/ 68f70a8 
  src/org/waveprotocol/box/server/frontend/ 76fda42 
  src/org/waveprotocol/box/server/waveserver/ 2d8a891 
  src/org/waveprotocol/box/server/waveserver/ d995d5e

  src/org/waveprotocol/box/server/waveserver/ f4db509 
  src/org/waveprotocol/box/server/waveserver/ a48cfc6 
  src/org/waveprotocol/box/server/waveserver/ 4201531 
  src/org/waveprotocol/box/server/waveserver/ 94e7a43 
  src/org/waveprotocol/box/server/waveserver/ 89e03d1 
  src/org/waveprotocol/box/server/waveserver/ 31fd121 
  src/org/waveprotocol/box/webclient/client/ 08987b0 
  src/org/waveprotocol/box/webclient/search/ e6137ce 
  src/org/waveprotocol/wave/client/ 64228ab 
  src/org/waveprotocol/wave/client/wavepanel/impl/reader/ bee1733 
  src/org/waveprotocol/wave/model/conversation/ ac2c5b3 
  src/org/waveprotocol/wave/model/id/ 5c9dec8 
  src/org/waveprotocol/wave/model/id/ 1769f92 
  src/org/waveprotocol/wave/model/wave/opbased/ a2cff45 
  test/org/waveprotocol/box/server/waveserver/ 30e0c2d 
  test/org/waveprotocol/wave/concurrencycontrol/wave/ 06e1cfc 



Tested by running on and and verifiying.
Verified that:
- Local + remote waves can be made
- Addition of remote participants results in the wave at the remote server
- Blips can be added to a wave by either local or remote clients

- Concurrent usage isn't really tested, but then concurrent usage randomly breaks at the moment


Ali Lown

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