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From Michael MacFadden <>
Subject Re: A Call To Developers
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2013 20:22:58 GMT
Let's not debate the details of the recommendation on this thread.  I
would just like to hear from people doing wave type things and see if they
would be willing to join up with us.  I feel like people aren't developing
here wave because they don't think their voices will be heard.  If people
want to move here, I am sure we can figure out the details.


On 6/12/13 9:07 PM, "Paulo Pires" <> wrote:

>Dear Michael,
>Can we start by moving on to Maven? It's a somewhat simple step
>considering others this list has discussed lately. This would simplify
>further separation of modules like OT, communication/protocol, clients,
>Also, IMHO multiple folders/projects  on a repository will pollute the
>commit log/history. So I would recommend not to follow that path. Still,
>I haven't better alternative(s).
>On 6/12/13 8:48 PM, Michael MacFadden wrote:
>> Wavers,
>> It has become clear that there a MANY more people are interested in Wave
>> that we had previously thought.  There recent explosion of interest is
>> fantastic.  However, what I am seeing is that the wave community is
>> splintered and fragmented.  There are a lot of people who have been
>> development work on wave related concepts like OT, federation, etc
>> of Apache Wave.  Maybe they thought they were not welcome.  Maybe they
>> though the existing code base was headed in the wrong direction.  Maybe
>> thought we would not be open to their project ideas.  Who knows.
>> the reason, there have been many side projects all over the web some how
>> related to wave.  Either inspired by wave, or developed to explore some
>> alternative to the way wave did something.
>> I would like to try to unite these efforts in to one umbrella project.
>> a code base perspective, we can create multiple folders in our
>> were proof of concepts and side projects can exist along side WiaB. If
>> drives activity and interest to Apache Wave, then fantastic.  Sure we
>> love to have 20 people jump in and help us with the current issues
>> in WiaB.  If people want to do that, by all means PLEASE HELP.  But if
>> is not what you are interested in, but you ARE interested in some other
>> forward, please join our community.  Please use Apache Wave as your
>>home to
>> develop Wave technology.  Be it OT, Clients, Protocols, what have you.
>> There is nothing that says the WiaB in its current form has to be the
>> product produced by this project.  We could have a generic core OT
>>Engine /
>> API that powers wave.  We could have the core server that leverages this
>> engine.  We could have multiple clients, etc.
>> I specifically named the project Apache Wave and not Apache Wave in a
>> because the vision was the eventually this project would become the
>>home of
>> a whole ecosystem of wave related things.
>> If there is one current truth, it is that none of our groups has been
>> independently successful in developing and distributing a widely used
>> adopted OT based collaboration project.  I think together we can be more
>> successful than apart.  Yes that means we have to hash things out on the
>> mailing list occasionally, but I think we are all open to input from
>> If we can create a place for side projects, then perhaps people will be
>> free to bring their ideas and efforts here.
>> To that end, I would put a call out to people who are currently working
>> related projects to officially joint the Apache Wave community.
>> some code, whatever that may be.  Help start a proof of concept for an
>> Engine, work on the client server protocol, whatever you want to do,
>>come do
>> it here.
>> Together we can keep our collective momentum.  Become a committer here.
>> We
>> need you.
>> Sincere Regards,
>> ~Michael
>Paulo Pires

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