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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: (Hypothetically) moving the WEG to Apache
Date Sat, 15 Jun 2013 07:42:35 GMT

I am trying to answer a few formal questions:

On Sat, Jun 15, 2013 at 2:18 AM, Zachary “Gamer_Z.” Yaro
<> wrote:
> - Is technically “owned” by me (as far as GitHub is concerned; I am open to
> contributions from anyone).

If you have got contributions, we need to make sure they have a clean IP.
Usually this is done by having a signed ICLA from the contributor. If
the contribution
is not too big, it should not be a problem.

> - What is the process for moving the code from GitHub to Apache (and can
> you confirm I can still use git—I know WIAB had to switch to svn)?

The Wave PMC need to accept this code. Usually this is done by a vote.
What tools are used (git/svn) is also up to the PMC. If your requirement is git,
you should suggest that and PMC needs to decide about it. In theory
it is not a problem any more.

WIAB had to switch, because git was not fully deployed at the ASF at this time.
Meanwhile it changed, and projects use Git instead of Svn in first place now.

> - I assume I would have to import issues into Jira.  What is the process
> for doing that?  What happens to comments on those issues?  What about
> comments that reference commits?

There is some support for importing issues to Jira. We need to ask
infra@ for details,
but if github supports an export, i am pretty sure we can somehow
import them in Jira.
I am not sure how referenced commits in comments are handled. This needs to be
asked on infra@

> - What would Apache own?  What would I keep ownership of?

If you contribute the code, the code.
If you contribute the name, the name too.

It is most likely that you would be invited to the Wave project, if
your donation is accepted (can only guess, the PMC decides that).
With donating code to the ASF, you are basically giving the ASF the
right to redistribute the code in any way.
I believe in theory legally you are the copyright owner. But it
doesn't matter anymore, because you gave the distribution /
modification rights to the ASF.

Please note, @author tags are not recommended at the ASF.
If you would donate, but not join the project, you would be listed as
contributor in some file. If you join the team, such an
explicit statement is usually not necessary any longer.

In short, you could say you share the ownership some with the ASF.

If you donate the name, the name can become a trademark of the ASF adn
will be protected as such.
Please note, there is a process to check if the name *can* become a
trademark (for example, if you would
come up with "Apple" as name, it's not going to work out).

If you donate the name, the ASF would use it then. If not, the project
needs to rename things in the donated code.

> - Would anything have to happen to the Google+ and Facebook pages?

If you donate the name, then you should also donate these two
accounts. They would - as weird as it sounds -
be a trademark problem. Usually projects run G+ etc with sharing
passwords across the PMC (encrypted file).

If you are not donating the name, you can keep them without problems.

> - Would anything have to happen to the App Engine instance?

As long as there are not trademark confusions, it's up to you. If
trademarks are safe, you can run it
to your liking and share access to whom you like.

Trademarks can be cleared pretty easily. For example, you could mention the
"This App demonstrates features of Apache $foo", and that should be a
big part of the trick already.

Please note, you maybe could deal out something with infra and get a
VM running on ASF
infra. It maybe would be a $-saver for you.

> - What else would have to change that has not been mentioned in answers to
> my previous questions?

I cannot mind anything right now :-)

But I have a good link for you:

This explains how we basically operate.

> I apologize for sounding so worried and paranoid; I am kind of new to this,
> and I figure getting these questions answered here will help me (and anyone
> else who is new to this) understand the situation for current and future
> wave-related projects that we may want to make part of Apache Wave.

Its great you ask such questions. I am sure, others have the same and
didn't want
to speak them out loud. But thats exactly one point why this project
has mentors.
To help dealing with that kind of questions.

Being paranoid is good. I mean, its better before donating under wrong
Better to ask a lot and finally decide happy.

Please note another thing:

If you are actually donating and the project accepts and you finally
think you want out of this all,
it is possible too. You could make a fork of the ASF project. The only
problem would be
you would need to chose another name, if you have donated that too.
While it actually happened
that ASF allows to take back trademarks/names, it is not often happening.

Please ask more if I was unclear or confusing.


> Thank you!
> —Zachary “Gamer_Z.” Yaro


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