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From Ali Lown <>
Subject Feedback from Incubator Vote
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2013 09:14:34 GMT
It looks like RC3 will fail at the Incubator vote. (This is both fine
and expected)

This also conveniently lets us merge some of the other fixes (for
example the broken translations/eclipse) in for RC4.

The main problem seems to (still) be the third_party/* files
(particularly in the source release - I don't know if they are okay to
be included in the 'binary' release).

It looks like the easiest way to handle this is to have them all
downloaded during the get-third-party ant task.

Some comments were raised about the src/python/api files not being
correctly licensed. Manually inspecting them it appears rat wasn't
complaining because they are all Apache licensed, but we have
'Licensed under the Apache License' used for some, and (the correct?)
'Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation' in others.

We (may) need to file for an ECCN given we use bouncy-castle. (Is this
only an issue if we include it, if we have it fetched by a separate
task (given the IPMC don't seem to like having the jars shipped with
Wave) is it still a problem?)



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