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From Ali Lown <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Wave 0.4 based on RC2
Date Sat, 01 Jun 2013 11:49:45 GMT

Thanks for these comments. I highly doubted RC2 would get through,
since nobody had been checking on my understanding of what I had

I shall wait for the period to expire as is (I think) customary with
voting, but I will not be releasing RC2, based on these fairly
fundamental issues.

Comments from other PMC on anything else missed here are welcome.

Lets see how RC3 fares :) (expect it on Wednesday/Thursday).


On 1 June 2013 12:29, Christian Grobmeier <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Ali, you made a great job with that. Even when I have some points we need
> to deal with, its fantastic that you pushed it forward. Please keep it on!
> Here is what I have seen so far:
> - Unusual CHANGES file: I usually see people adding issue numbers our of
> Jira
> - Example NOTICE file:,
> Mockito is not mentioned with link as the others
> - server-config.xml, jsongadgets.json, jaas.config no license. Maybe others
> too? Please utilize: it's a great tool to
> check our licenses
> - request_codereview wrong license (Google Inc)?
> - files in /spec - allowed to distribute? No License given, where do these
> files come from?
> - src folder: we usually use org.apache prefix. Not seen any classes with
> that
> - thirdparty: allowed to distribute? Check with compatible licenses. Full
> list whats working what not is here:
> - Wave Logo (/war) seems to miss TM symbol. Please check:
> - Whats the meaning of wave-0.4-release folder?
> - Whats the meaning of whitepapers folder?
> So far I am -1, mostly because I am concerned on the licensing things.
> Maybe we can shed some light on it. In any way, everybody is invited to
> help with these issues, committer or not. If you are lurking around and
> have an interest in help Wave surviving, then pleas see this:
> And send in your patches!! :-)
> Thanks again Ali! Please note, the first releases are always the difficult.
> When Upayavira or I do not find anything, you can be sure somebody else
> from the IPMC finds something. Please consider this as "educational". We
> need to make Apache Wave having some legal ground too, and thats how we
> make sure it is all good. So please everybody, keep motivation and help
> further with all the issues. If you do and bring out a release, I promise I
> will write a blog post on it on my personal blog which is usually well
> visited! That's my little contribution and hopefully motivating a bit.
> Cheers
> Christian
> PS: I haven't checked signatures yet and only looked at the src package
> On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 1:09 AM, Ali Lown <> wrote:
>> It is finally time to get a release out into the world. There has been
>> a lot of things happen since the codebase was imported to Apache in
>> Febuary 2011. Whilst work may not have always been as quick as we
>> like, the last week has seen a significantly revived effort (and the
>> introduction of many new names to the list) to the whole concept of
>> Wave.
>> As such, I would like to release Wave 0.4 to the world.
>> Wave 0.4 RC2 is available for review here:
>> This is a build from the subversion tag wave-0.4-rc2 at:
>> A summary can be found in the RELEASE-NOTES at:
>> and included in the tarballs.
>> Votes, please. This vote will close at 2100 GMT 04-June 2013.
>> [  ] +1   Release these artifacts
>> [  ] +0   OK, but...
>> [  ] -0    OK, but really should fix...
>> [  ] -1    I oppose this release because...
>> Thanks.
>> Ali
>> ---------------------------
>> A minor note to those who recently joined the list: Only votes from
>> the members of the PMC are binding, however votes from other
>> committers, users, and contributors are welcomed. If your vote is
>> negative, please leave a comment explaining clearly why. Refer to
>> for more information on
>> this process.
> --

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