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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Wave Future Options
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2013 15:42:04 GMT
On 6/12/13 6:22 PM, "Joseph Gentle" <> wrote:
> Regardless of where the code goes, as I've said we should redesign the 
> OT system using proper TP2 types. This will enable us to build a 
> working federation protocol thats better anyway. I also think we 
> should separate out the OT types into a library, and make the system 
> capable of hosting different kinds of data. I don't think it makes 
> sense to prototype that inside the WIAB codebase. 

Aside from an initial "toy" PoC, why not do this experimenting within 
the wiab codebase?  I.e. as a second pluggable OT approach. It would 
require making the existing code more modular, but doing any of this 
work within wiab from early on would make sure that those module 
boundaries and dependencies were properly defined and implemented.


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