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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Future of Apache wave [Was: Re: Advantages of P2P messaging?]
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2013 13:44:28 GMT
On 12/06/13 12:43, Michael MacFadden wrote:
> So, most people would not argue [against] XMPP as an established chat protocol.
> However, wave is not chat.

Indeed. Xmpp is widely deployed for chat, but not widely deployed for 
wave. Wave traffic is more noisy than simple chat, but the S2S 
connections for a busy xmpp server are also pretty noisy.

Apologies if my earlier comment appeared to imply otherwise.

We're using xmpp in a unusual way, and it's of questionable benefit to 
wave. But the only thing I've seen that we can truly blaim on xmpp is 
that the server/component configuration is unnecessarily painful.


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