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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Wave Future Options
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2013 12:50:56 GMT
On 12/06/13 11:51, Michael MacFadden wrote:
> Thanks. I agree with this perspective.  When I started working with the
> codebase, the nested levels of interfaces and implementations made it
> impossible to trace through the code.  Personally it seemed like
> abstraction for abstraction sake.  Yes.. It made things fairly unit
> testable, but maintainability was scarified in other ways.

Agreed. Being a little glib:

Too much indirection = bad (difficult to understand, hard to change)

Too little indirection = bad (less testable, and tightly coupled 
codebases are even more of a nightmare to change)

good => Goldilocks indirection.

So my preference would be working with the existing codebase, but 
stripping out superfluous interfaces & indirection, modularising to make 
each problem space (and it's input / output interfaces) more obvious, 
and documenting the interfaces & concepts we choose to keep.


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