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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Future of Apache wave [Was: Re: Advantages of P2P messaging?]
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2013 23:02:44 GMT
On 11/06/13 22:00, Bruno Gonzalez (aka stenyak) wrote:
> In any case, I wonder if making current wiab *way* more easily federable
> would in practice equate to a p2p version of wiab. I.e. modify WiaB so
> that, in the future, any luser can "aptitude install wiab" and have a
> federated server+client of wave, that can connect to other servers without
> any further configuration (or extremely little configuration at least;
> think BittorrentSync levels of usability, for example). Is it technically
> possible to make wiab work like a P2P network, or are federation/OT/...
> protocols simply not able to scale like that?

That's certainly been my line of thinking - aiming for a solution that 
is easy to deploy and configure, and federates by default. Maybe we can 
script generating the certificates, bundle an xmpp server by default, 
and improve the out-of-the-box configuration such that whatever 
functionality we currently support is easily available.

Towards that goal, I've been playing with Apache Vysper - a small java 
embedded xmpp server built on top of MINA.  It doesn't look too hard to 
integrate, but I'm not sure their server-to-server support is all that 
solid at the moment, so it might not go anywhere.


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