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From Scott Wilson <>
Subject Re: A Call To Developers
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2013 15:56:41 GMT

On 12 Jun 2013, at 22:08, Upayavira wrote:

> All I can say is, "well said". We need to consider Wave as a young
> project - one that really doesn't yet have anything set in stone.
> I've heard Apache described as a 'do-ocracy', that is, he who does,
> decides.
> If there's an approach you think would be good, start coding, show us
> your work (stick it on Github or somewhere), and we can see about
> getting it a place in the Wave repo itself.
> In the end, what the Wave project exists for is to release products. To
> release products, we need real code. Let's get started with some
> experiments that, if successful, can eventually morph into real
> products.

When Wave first entered the Incubator I offered my Node implementation of the Wave Gadgets
API as a contribution:

At that time the Wave project was still in the middle of sorting itself out so couldn't really
think about absorbing more products. 

However, maybe its worth considering again?

The module above also has integration with Apache Wookie (Wookie also implements the Wave
Gadgets API, but the default implementation uses comet and isn't as fast). Wookie is deployed
automatically as part of Apache Rave, which then offers a practical distribution method for
Wave-related products as part of enterprise social portals.

Its also worth pointing out I think that ShareJS + Wave-Node = basically Wave in Node but
without the federation stuff ... though unlike Joseph I'm quite happy to give up maintaining
my code in Github for a chance to be part of something bigger :) 


> Upayavira
> On Wed, Jun 12, 2013, at 09:04 PM, Thomas Wrobel wrote:
>> I have been working on a geolocation (/augmented reality) specific Wave
>> project:
>> I am not sure how suitable this is.
>> Its effectively a client that I (badly) want to be compatible with any
>> standard wave server.
>> As there was no standard client/server protocol for the last few
>> years, I gave up, and instead made it work with XMPP/jabber chat.
>> Obviously, losing persistency along the way and crippling its
>> usefulness.
>> Would this project fit under the apache wave umbrella? I still want to
>> make it a wave server client - but untill the servers have the
>> protocol in place to allow that, it will be effectively just a xmpp
>> client for a specific use.
>> -Thomas Wrobel.
>> ps. Of course, I am happy to help out any wave developments I am
>> skilled enough to do anyway.
>> On 12 June 2013 21:48, Michael MacFadden <>
>> wrote:
>>> Wavers,
>>> It has become clear that there a MANY more people are interested in Wave
>>> that we had previously thought.  There recent explosion of interest is
>>> fantastic.  However, what I am seeing is that the wave community is
>>> splintered and fragmented.  There are a lot of people who have been doing
>>> development work on wave related concepts like OT, federation, etc outside
>>> of Apache Wave.  Maybe they thought they were not welcome.  Maybe they
>>> though the existing code base was headed in the wrong direction.  Maybe they
>>> thought we would not be open to their project ideas.  Who knows.  Whatever
>>> the reason, there have been many side projects all over the web some how
>>> related to wave.  Either inspired by wave, or developed to explore some
>>> alternative to the way wave did something.
>>> I would like to try to unite these efforts in to one umbrella project.  From
>>> a code base perspective, we can create multiple folders in our repository
>>> were proof of concepts and side projects can exist along side WiaB. If this
>>> drives activity and interest to Apache Wave, then fantastic.  Sure we would
>>> love to have 20 people jump in and help us with the current issues directly
>>> in WiaB.  If people want to do that, by all means PLEASE HELP.  But if that
>>> is not what you are interested in, but you ARE interested in some other path
>>> forward, please join our community.  Please use Apache Wave as your home to
>>> develop Wave technology.  Be it OT, Clients, Protocols, what have you.
>>> There is nothing that says the WiaB in its current form has to be the only
>>> product produced by this project.  We could have a generic core OT Engine /
>>> API that powers wave.  We could have the core server that leverages this
>>> engine.  We could have multiple clients, etc.
>>> I specifically named the project Apache Wave and not Apache Wave in a Box,
>>> because the vision was the eventually this project would become the home of
>>> a whole ecosystem of wave related things.
>>> If there is one current truth, it is that none of our groups has been
>>> independently successful in developing and distributing a widely used and
>>> adopted OT based collaboration project.  I think together we can be more
>>> successful than apart.  Yes that means we have to hash things out on the
>>> mailing list occasionally, but I think we are all open to input from anyone.
>>> If we can create a place for side projects, then perhaps people will be more
>>> free to bring their ideas and efforts here.
>>> To that end, I would put a call out to people who are currently working on
>>> related projects to officially joint the Apache Wave community.  Contribute
>>> some code, whatever that may be.  Help start a proof of concept for an OT
>>> Engine, work on the client server protocol, whatever you want to do, come do
>>> it here.
>>> Together we can keep our collective momentum.  Become a committer here.  We
>>> need you.
>>> Sincere Regards,
>>> ~Michael

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