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From Michael MacFadden <>
Subject Re: NodeJS for Sever-Side Wave Code
Date Thu, 30 May 2013 17:45:10 GMT
If we have some interests, I would be more than happy to re-engage with PP
and get that maven transition done.  While it's not a huge step I think it
will entice developers.


On 5/30/13 10:41 AM, "John Blossom" <> wrote:

>Specific to my objectives RE your skills, I would appreciate a hand with
>making a kick-butt video for the Wave pitch. Not now, but at the right
>RE the right tool for some of the project communications, I have to say
>some of these processes might work really well in Wave...just sayin'.
>All the best,
>John Blossom
>On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 1:08 PM, Thomas Wrobel <>
>> Is there any suggested way to organize volunteers?
>> I know the current method is basically a "todo" list isnt it? which is
>> in itself.
>> But possibly having a list of commiters together with notes of their
>> skillset could also help.
>> I can, for example do the following;
>> * client side GWT coding.
>> * Android/Java coding
>> * php
>> * 3d graphics and animations (possibly to help presentations/diagrams)
>> * film editing
>> * html
>> I haven't a clue when/if any of these things would be usefull - but I
>> wouldn't mind being put on a list for anyone to contact if Wave related
>> help is needed in those areas.
>> >
>> > Forget node.js or any other "world-changer-wannabe" frameworks. As
>> Michael
>> > states, most developers don't understand (or are even scared of) this
>> > project architecture/structure. Fixing this would be a great start!
>> >
>> +1
>> >
>> > I tried to contribute to Wiab, a pretty simple UI modification, and I
>> found
>> > myself lost in the code a few hours, nagging poor yuri with questions,
>> > before I could do anything simple (being new to modern web
>> > gwt, etc was of no help either).
>> >
>> +1
>> I also tried to do the same thing. Despite being very familiar with both
>> Java and GWT, and a few web-apps behind me, I still struggled.
>> I haven't seen the codebase in almost a year now, however.
>> Would it benefit from some very simple first better
>> commenting? removing redundant/legacy stuff?
>> If separating the client is a step too big for anyone to commit too
>> now, there might still be more basic messures to help move the existing
>> codebase to something easier to deal with.

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