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From Bruno Gonzalez <>
Subject Re: Moving Wave Forward
Date Wed, 29 May 2013 14:48:28 GMT
On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 3:59 PM, John Blossom <> wrote:

> Especially if some form of federation powers peer-to-peer mobile sharing
> for Wave, then basic setup needs to be baked in. Think of email - it's a
> little geekish to input your SMTP and POP addresses, but in general that's
> all it takes for a user to connect to email - perhaps it needs to be at
> least as simple for default Wave federation.

I feel confused about this point.

In the GoogleDoc slide #4, it's mentioned that "any device can federate
with any other". Does it refer to:
a) re-using the server-to-server federation protocol for client-to-server
communication, but still having a wave server located between both clients;
or b) deploying a wave server together with each client (e.g. deploying a
server+client in my cellphone connected to the wifi at work, and deploying
a server+client in a laptop connected tomy home ethernet network), and
magically punching through firewalls, nats and the likes in order to
directly connect the two devices without a server?

Point a) would be interesting, because the work is mostly done (federation
may be easy or difficult to get working, but it does work), and it could
help a client that has been offline for a while and needs to synchronize
with the wave server, by dealing with all possible conflicts between client
and server operations (which I guess is what current federation
implementation in WiaB may already be doing, merging OT operations coming
from a different, federated, server?).

Regarding point b), I fail to see how it can work without a dedicated 24/7
server that bridges firewalled clients. Just like the recently released
BittorrentSync peer software still relies on an official 3rd party server
in order to deal with the (numerous!) cases when clients are behind a NAT
or whatever, even when the software claims to be P2P.

Please forgive me if what I said doesn't make sense, i'm not really too
well versed in these matters so maybe I'm seeing obstacles that don't
really exist :-)

     Bruno González

Jabber: stenyak AT

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