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From Ali Lown>
Subject [VOTE] Release Wave 0.4 based on RC2
Date Fri, 31 May 2013 23:09:30 GMT
It is finally time to get a release out into the world. There has been
a lot of things happen since the codebase was imported to Apache in
Febuary 2011. Whilst work may not have always been as quick as we
like, the last week has seen a significantly revived effort (and the
introduction of many new names to the list) to the whole concept of

As such, I would like to release Wave 0.4 to the world.

Wave 0.4 RC2 is available for review here:

This is a build from the subversion tag wave-0.4-rc2 at:

A summary can be found in the RELEASE-NOTES at:
and included in the tarballs.

Votes, please. This vote will close at 2100 GMT 04-June 2013.

[  ] +1   Release these artifacts
[  ] +0   OK, but...
[  ] -0    OK, but really should fix...
[  ] -1    I oppose this release because...


A minor note to those who recently joined the list: Only votes from
the members of the PMC are binding, however votes from other
committers, users, and contributors are welcomed. If your vote is
negative, please leave a comment explaining clearly why. Refer to for more information on
this process.

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