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From Ali Lown>
Subject Re: Moving Wave Forward
Date Tue, 28 May 2013 21:56:36 GMT
> A slide deck outlining this "strawman" model of where Wave could head may
> be found at the following address:

I would just like to remind people that Apache Wave has had working
federation support in the code base since creation. (Nullifying some
of the points in slides 3,4 and 16).

The problem is not the lack of federation support in Apache Wave,
rather the lack of a roll-out of its use between currently active Wave
servers. (Which requires the server admins at both ends of a
federation link to make configuration changes).
Beyond reminding people of this feature, I am unsure how we can
increase adoption of it. Suggestions welcome?

> I'd like the Apache community to comment for now but I appreciate the
> sentiment.

Many of these points follow the vision that (I think) we have all held
for Wave, yet on a practical note are stalled for the time when the
codebase is cleanly separated between client and server. (Of which
some work was started about a year ago during the 'mavenisation' of
the codebase, but stalled). [This is probably our most important task
beyond making a 'release'].

I don't think there are any major issues with making the slides
public, as long as you ensure it is _not_ presented as a view
sponsored or endorsed in any way by Apache or the Apache Wave project.
My understanding is that you also need to add attribution for use of
the logo. (See:
IANAL though, so it would be best to wait for some of the others to
comment here before making public.


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