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From Ali Lown <>
Subject Release planning
Date Thu, 23 May 2013 12:55:15 GMT
So.... The list has been a bit quiet for a while again, so it must be time
to get this moving onwards.

Looking at the list Angus put together a while ago, we can safely say that
we are ready to do the final admin for a release.

I don't think it is important to try to empty our review list, or push for
any major changes to the code before making this release. (Once we have got
this one done, it should be easy to make a future release adding whatever
cool new features/fixes we want to).

I will send a review request for the LICENSE and NOTICE files, which looks
like the final stuff before saying "release now".

Are we happy with tagging the tree after this?
How do we want to handle the signing of the release?
Other comments?



-licence audit *DONE*
-name the release - has to have 'incubating' in the name e.g.:
apache-wave-incubating *DONE* (This seems reasonable, unless you have any
better ideas)

        -Check that compressed artifacts unpack correctly
        -Check that the documentation is readable
        -Check distributed libraries
            -Check licenses for libraries are distributed together with any
applicable NOTICES *DONE*
            -Check that licenses comply with incubator policy *DONE*
            -Check that licenses comply with project policy *DONE*
            -Check that LICENSE and NOTICE documents contain required
sections (We don't have a LICENSE file, and our NOTICE file is in the
plural not singular as required)
            -Check that any cryptographic dependencies satisfy export
regulations *DONE* (Only cryptographic dependency seems to be included with

        -Check copyright notices:
                -Licenses missing from source files *DONE*
                -Source files with other licenses which are not mentioned
                -Check current policy on headers that all comply *DONE*
        -Check incubator requirements
                -Check disclaimer is distributed *DONE*
                -Check status document (This needs to be updated with new
commiters, new project status etc.)
Source Package
        -Check build instructions exist and that source builds using these
instructions *DONE*
        -Check license headers are correctly applied *DONE*
        -Check for version control files *DONE*
        -Check that source is exported from tag
OpenPGP keys
        -Check KEYS file contains signing key
        -Check key has been uploaded to regular public key servers

-proof read documentation/check it is up to date *SEMI DONE*

-tag in subversion
-release documentation
        -release notes - include description of project
        -CHANGES can use svn log
        -build process in README *DONE*
                -dependancies to build
                -any backwards compatibility issues
        -STATUS document
        -LICENCE file - needs to include apache licence + any licence from
        -incubator disclaimer in DISCLAIMER *DONE*
        -NOTICE file *DONE*
                Apache [PRODUCT_NAME]
                Copyright [yyyy] The Apache Software Foundation

                This product includes software developed at
                The Apache Software Foundation (
-compress release
        -tar.gz for unix
        -zip for windows
        -should unpack to different names e.g. foo-src for source, foo for
-dependencies *DONE* (everything important is included in the third_party,
or fetched by the ant get-third-party)
        -what is optional/required
        -where to find them if not included in package
        -min/max versions
-sign the release (md5 hashes and the like)

-upload it to dist/incubator folder
-release needs to be:
        -owned by incubator group
        -be group writable
        -be readonly to the world
            find . -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \;
            find . -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \;
            chgrp -R incubator *

-decide on layout eg:
        -each type in it's own directory
        -symlinks to root directory for ease of access
        -can edit above and below the index using HEADER.html & FOOTER.html
-delete old releases
-create release download page. see:

-announce to pmc for voting
        -on general incubator list
        -prefix with [VOTE]
        -tally votes and reply with [RESULT] prefix
-announce the release
        -should be signed with the key used to sign the release
        -from address
-document all the steps/create a release build script

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