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From "Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado" <>
Subject Re: wave behind Nginx
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2013 14:57:48 GMT
El 07/03/13 11:04, Ali Lown escribió:
> Hi Puma,
> The wave codebase has lots of locations where it assumes that it has
> complete control of the domain it is set to. Attempting to put it in a
> sub-directory fails in the way that you have seen.
> The reason it assumes it is because the Jetty server believes it is running
> without having any proxying magic being applied to it. We now have a lot of
> http_* options to patch the code to support the various possibilities we
> have seen so far:
> - Websocket to a 'different' address
> - Static files served from CDN
> - iptables local port forwarding
> - SSL/non-SSL usage
> So, your options are now:
> 1) Fix the wave codebase :P

I someone is interested I did some work on this some years ago:
but I didn't finish because it was not necessary for us finally. I
remember that was pending to patch socket-io in this direction.

Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado (@vjrj)

 "For the more there are who say 'Ours,'-not 'Mine'- by that much is
 each richer ." [Dante on the joys of sharing (Purgatorio, XV)]

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