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From Yuri Z <>
Subject Re: Run Wave for production purpose
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2013 23:13:51 GMT
Yep. For example, here are the scripts I use deploy Wave binaries at and run it as daemon process.
Please note that the "wave" and "" are actually slightly
modified versions of the scripts that can be found in the Wave source at
platforms/ubuntu folder

On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 10:20 PM, Ali Lown <> wrote:

> Niklaus,
> > When I want to do some sort of daily backup, which is better,
> > mongodb or the file storage?
> Not everything has a mongodb backend (IIRC only accounts use it),
> everything else uses file-based stores, so you will need to back up
> (if you use both).
> > Can Apache Wave _run_ (not compile) w/o Eclipse? Eclipse pulls in a
> > whole lot of dependencies that use up a lot of diskspace and I don't
> > necessarily want on my server...
> Yes, you will need to install the JRE, but that should be about it.
> You will only need to deploy the dist and war directories (and
> important files such as the run-server script, config files, gadget
> list, etc.) rather than the whole source base.
> Ali

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