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From Niklaus Hofer <>
Subject Run Wave for production purpose
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2013 20:16:18 GMT
Hey everyone

I know that Wave is probably not ready for production use yet. But I
want to use it for just that anyway.
I have a Debian Wheezy box with little ressources where Wave will
run on and a powerfull vm for compiling it. I have two questions:

When I want to do some sort of daily backup, which is better,
mongodb or the file storage?

Can Apache Wave _run_ (not compile) w/o Eclipse? Eclipse pulls in a
whole lot of dependencies that use up a lot of diskspace and I don't
necessarily want on my server...

Thanks for the help and your great work on Wave!

Freundliche Gruesse

Niklaus Manuel Hofer

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