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From Ali Lown <>
Subject Re: Proxy issues
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2012 15:59:00 GMT
Extracting the data as raw bytes from the first Websocket response
packet (#95) gives us the following HTML page (attached).

So, it is _definitely_ an issue with your proxy server not
understanding the Websockets.

For more information on exactly how they work, a good article would
"The protocol went through many iterations and basically had to be
changed multiple times because of unforeseen security problems that
came up with misbehaving proxies." seems to sum-up the problem.


NB: When you tried on my server (, I am
less certain as to why it failed there given all the traffic is
encrypted. (Unless your company proxy is terminating my SSL
connection, performing DPI on the now-decrypted data, and then
re-encrypting it before presenting it to you)
Could you do a wireshark capture for that server as well?
Actually, it might be because my server still tries to use a
non-standard port for the websockets, and it is quite likely you have
most outgoing ports blocked.

On 24 September 2012 16:42, Ben Hegarty <> wrote:
> Hey Ali,
> Basically I get 'A turbulance' after logging in and never go online and no
> wave data is saved down, you just see 'Unsaved all the time'..
> I've uploaded the wireshark trace to the following location :)
> On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 4:33 PM, Ali Lown <> wrote:
>> > basically it looks like the problem comes from the fact that the request
>> > uses a relative path instead of a full path for the request
>> AFAIK it is the browser's responsibility to convert relative paths for
>> communicating to the server.
>> > I've been investigating some issues that I've been having with using wave
>> > behind a proxy server
>> What are the actual problems you are having? Unable to get 'Online'
>> because the websocket doesn't get established?
>> > and found this thread about proxy issues which are
>> > identical to the issue I'm seeing...
>> >
>> This seems to be about eclipse's internal proxy settings handling
>> being incorrect when it parses the relative URL. Assuming your browser
>> is setup correctly the problem shouldn't lie with that.
>> > This GET here looks to be the source of the problem, I'm no network guy
>> so
>> > it would be nice to have this confirmed by someone else, but do you think
>> > this would be a difficult fix? I have my own env for testing this so I
>> > could easily apply a patch and retest just need some help with the
>> > patch.. *(fingers
>> > crossed this is the issue)*
>> The normal problem with websockets failing that I have seen, is when
>> the proxy server doesn't understand (so drops) the UPGRADE request.
>> Alternatively, it may well be the relative path, in which case the
>> problem lies with your proxy server being incorrectly configured to
>> handle them (since relative paths are most definitely part of
>> RFC2616).
>> What is the proxy server in question?
>> It may be worth using wireshark to watch the actual request across the
>> wire.
>> Ali
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