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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: Wave APIs
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2012 14:52:02 GMT
On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 4:31 PM, Michael MacFadden
<> wrote:
> I have some questions on the Wave APIs in terms of what each one is for, and what they
offer.  I believe I know the answer to some of these but want to get opinions from the list
before documenting these.
> 1) What are the APIs we want to offer to the community?

As a community member, I would love to get an API which enables me to
access waves, create waves, search for a wave, get and create an
attachment. It would be great if it would be so nice that I could
access it with my own JS. I am willing to give feedback and help here.

> 2) What is the Robot API used for?
> 3) What is the Data API and what is it used for?
> 4) Is there any code for federation that is reusable?
> 5) Is there any code for the client server protocol that is reusable?

Can't say much to that.

> 6) Any other ideas?

As a user, I would love to have some tools for server administration.
For example:

$> wave-server -t 20 --log-dir /usr/log/wave start # starts the server
with 20 threads
Wave Server started.

$> wave-tools info

Wave Server up since xxxx
Currently connected: 1234 users
Memory consumption: 10 MB

$> wave-tools disable

Disabled user

For me as a non-wave dev i'd love if installation is straight forward
and maintenance is too.

In addition, if there is a chance to implement some interfaces and get
my own code glued with the wave server code, i would be pretty
impressed. For example:

interface UserProvider {
    User getUser(String waveUserName)

If the wave server would provide a default implementation which I
could override, like:

$> wave-server --overrides myimpl.jar start

or just dropping it into the classpath.

A few cents, may it be of help!


> Thanks.


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