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From Ali Lown <>
Subject Re: Web Site
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2012 16:50:42 GMT

Change the CSS on body to have "padding: 10px 0px;" instead so that
when not centered (think smaller/split screen) a left margin is not
showing (keeping it symmetrical with the right).

Not sure having the logo on the white background next to the white
text on a blue background is the best choice. Since making the logo
background transparent would make it impossible to see, perhaps change
text color to the blue, and set the background of the header to a
light grey (#eee)?

Putting the navigation on the right hand side seems awkward for me
(native LTR reader). Perhaps RTL readers would view this differently?

Could we have the disclaimer text flow around the incubator image so
it doesn't take up quite so much screen space?

Source Code page: What is happening with all the blank lines? Might I
suggest putting each of the commands in a little box to seperate them
from the text.

Spelling + Grammar + Consistency:
Home page:
- 'wave is ditributed' -> -'wave is a distributed'
- 'collabortative' -> 'collaborative'
- 'seemless' -> 'seamless'
- 'promotes more a fluid...' -> 'promotes a more fluid'
- 'The addition of Robots, and Gadgets' -> 'The addition of Robots and Gadgets'
- 'Wave platorm' -> 'Wave platform'
- 'customizablilty' -> 'customizability'
- 'WiaB) -> 'WIAB'
- 'reference impelemntation' -> 'reference implementation'
- 'other wave related' -> 'other Wave related'
- 'The wave project' -> 'The Wave project'
- 'better documenation' -> 'better documentation'
- 'joiing the comunity' -> 'joining the community'
- 'please se the Get Involved page' -> 'please see the Getting Involved'

About page:
'Wave Federation protocol' -> 'Wave Federation Protocol'
'Google's attempt to create integrated' -> 'Google's attempt to create
an integrated'
'more efficient then email' -> 'more efficient than email'
'the messages arnt literally' -> 'the messages aren't literally'
'10 different copys' -> '10 different copies'
'itself a already well' -> 'itself an already well'
'but its important to understand' -> 'but it is important to understand'
'underlyeing' -> 'underlying'
'and server's that supported it' -> 'and servers that supported it'
'FedOne Allthough Googles own server' -> I think this is meant to be a
new heading 'FedOne' with a line starting 'Although Google's own
'they did release "FedOne" was a reference' -> 'they did relase
"FedOne" as a reference'
'there is still a few amateur' -> 'there are still a few amateur'
'Wave In a Box' -> 'Wave in a Box'
'potential use's' -> 'potential uses'
'combined with a many people' -> 'combined with many people'
'Apache Waves main focus' -> 'Apache Wave's main focus'
'Wave-In-A-Box' -> 'Wave in a Box'

Getting Involved page:
Title 'Getting Invovled' -> 'Getting Involved'
'Thanks for your interest' -> 'Thank you for your interest'
'involved to to joing the' -> 'involved is to join the'
'It is here where we discuss the code, protocols design, plans for the
future, and the health of the community.' -> 'It is here where we
discuss the code, design the protocols, plan for the future and
consider the health of the community.'
- 'Requriements Discussion' -> 'Discuss Requirements'

Mailing Lists page:
'disucss code' -> 'discuss code'
'collectiely' -> collectively'
'the mailing lis' -> 'the mailing list'

Demo Servers page:
'varying degree's of stability' -> 'varying degrees of stability'

That should be enough fixes for one email. :)

On 12 June 2012 17:03, Michael MacFadden <> wrote:
> All,
> I have made some updates to the web site.  They can be viewed in the staging build here:
> Let me know what you think.  I will publish these changes after I get some feedback.
 There is more work to be done (lots) but I think this looks a little nicer than what I had
done before.
> ~Michael

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