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From Michael MacFadden <>
Subject Re: Maven Module for Protocol Buffers
Date Sun, 17 Jun 2012 18:42:20 GMT
So I think then what we need to do is make them a separate module, which can be released (from
a maven standpoint) which will contain all of the compiled classes.  The maven project will
generate the sources from the proto files, then compile those java sources and place them
in a jar.  that Jar file can be released (again from a maven point of view).  The wave in
a box maven project can then depend on this released jar file.

The work that Paulo has done is a step in the direction, since we now have the proto stuff
isolated to a module, it's just matter of adjusting the packaging of the compiled proto .class


On Jun 17, 2012, at 11:37 AM, Paulo Pires wrote:

> Exactly and this is why at first i've removed them from the maven Project and get them
compiled on every build.
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> Andreas Horst <> wrote:
> Generated sources/resources do not belong into SCM at any time (IMHO). I'd
> go with module separation in such cases.
> Andreas
> 2012/6/17 Paulo Pires <>
>> +1
>> PP
>> On 17/06/12 09:40, Davide Carnovale wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> +1 to have it as a separate project. Imho it will help those who are not
>>> working on it by the means of not having to care about protoc and it
>> won't
>>> add much complexity for those who need to work on that part
>>> D
>>> Il giorno 17/giu/2012 04:49, "Michael MacFadden" <
>>>> ha scritto:
>>>> All,
>>>> We are still contemplating the organization of the maven project.
>>>> Currently, the protocol buffers are not built on every build. It seems
>>>> that you generate them once (or when you change them) and then use the
>>>> sources. Should we keep this similar in the maven build. We could put
>> the
>>>> protocol buffers in a separate project that gets built, versioned and
>>>> released. Then the other maven modules could depend on this wave
>> protobuf
>>>> jar file. This way you would not need to compile the protocol buffers
>> (or
>>>> even have the compiler installed) unless you were specifically working
>> on
>>>> the protocol buffers.
>>>> The alternative is to have the protobuf module in the main build. The
>>>> protocol buffer source would get generated and then compiled in every
>>>> build. Everyone working on wave in a box would need to have the protoc
>>>> compile installed even if they aren't working on the protocol buffers.
>> I
>>>> would mention that the protobufs are already in a separate module, but
>> the
>>>> module is currently in the main build.
>>>> Should we separate it out as described in the first paragraph?
>>>> ~Michael
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>> Paulo Pires
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