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From Michael MacFadden <>
Subject Re: Maven Module for Protocol Buffers
Date Sun, 17 Jun 2012 18:48:56 GMT
The thing is that if we do what I suggest, we would not even need to check in the generated
sources.  Consuming projects would just need to reference the compiled class files.  The protoc
generated sources files aren't particularly useful.


On Jun 17, 2012, at 11:43 AM, Svante Schubert wrote:

> Module separation to allow other users to download just what they need
> seems evident.
> Generated sources/resources in a SCM was once a hot discussed topic in
> my previous company.
> Our outcome was, that seldom changing sources, as generated sources
> based on an XML schema, do make sense to be integrated as:
> 1) The IDE does not show errors when checking out the sources
> 2) Generation of sources does not have to be part of every build
> process, but can be triggered on demand
> 3) The IDE is like a regression test for later generation of the
> sources. If the result is different there is highlighting of changes.
> Actually I tend to check in generated sources in general and even to
> have a control about the generated outcome.
> Svante
> On 17.06.2012 20:33, Andreas Horst wrote:
>> Generated sources/resources do not belong into SCM at any time (IMHO). I'd
>> go with module separation in such cases.
>> Andreas
>> 2012/6/17 Paulo Pires <>
>>> +1
>>> PP
>>> On 17/06/12 09:40, Davide Carnovale wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> +1 to have it as a separate project. Imho it will help those who are not
>>>> working on it by the means of not having to care about protoc and it
>>> won't
>>>> add much complexity for those who need to work on that part
>>>> D
>>>> Il giorno 17/giu/2012 04:49, "Michael MacFadden" <
>>>>> ha scritto:
>>>>> All,
>>>>> We are still contemplating the organization of the maven project.
>>>>> Currently, the protocol buffers are not built on every build.  It seems
>>>>> that you generate them once (or when you change them) and then use the
>>>>> sources.  Should we keep this similar in the maven build.  We could put
>>> the
>>>>> protocol buffers in a separate project that gets built, versioned and
>>>>> released.  Then the other maven modules could depend on this wave
>>> protobuf
>>>>> jar file.  This way you would not need to compile the protocol buffers
>>> (or
>>>>> even have the compiler installed) unless you were specifically working
>>> on
>>>>> the protocol buffers.
>>>>> The alternative is to have the protobuf module in the main build.  The
>>>>> protocol buffer source would get generated and then compiled in every
>>>>> build.  Everyone working on wave in a box would need to have the protoc
>>>>> compile installed even if they aren't working on the protocol buffers.
>>> I
>>>>> would mention that the protobufs are already in a separate module, but
>>> the
>>>>> module is currently in the main build.
>>>>> Should we separate it out as described in the first paragraph?
>>>>> ~Michael
>>> --
>>> Paulo Pires

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