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From Michael MacFadden <>
Subject Re: Web Site
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2012 17:57:48 GMT
Thanks for the suggestions.  In terms of the logo.  Right now the issue is that the only graphic
we have is on a solid white background.  It's not transparent at all.  I want to work on getting
the source art for that so that we can do with it what we like.  In my opinion, it looked
very boring, with black / blue text on a really light background.  My actual hope is to get
the source art for the logo, (or make a new one) and have it inverted so that it is also white.
 At that point I would make the background a gradient blue.

As for the typos, I will fix those.

As for the navigation, I will try it on the left.


On Jun 12, 2012, at 9:50 AM, Ali Lown wrote:

> Michael,
> Style:
> ---------
> Change the CSS on body to have "padding: 10px 0px;" instead so that
> when not centered (think smaller/split screen) a left margin is not
> showing (keeping it symmetrical with the right).
> Not sure having the logo on the white background next to the white
> text on a blue background is the best choice. Since making the logo
> background transparent would make it impossible to see, perhaps change
> text color to the blue, and set the background of the header to a
> light grey (#eee)?
> Putting the navigation on the right hand side seems awkward for me
> (native LTR reader). Perhaps RTL readers would view this differently?
> Could we have the disclaimer text flow around the incubator image so
> it doesn't take up quite so much screen space?
> Source Code page: What is happening with all the blank lines? Might I
> suggest putting each of the commands in a little box to seperate them
> from the text.
> Spelling + Grammar + Consistency:
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Home page:
> - 'wave is ditributed' -> -'wave is a distributed'
> - 'collabortative' -> 'collaborative'
> - 'seemless' -> 'seamless'
> - 'promotes more a fluid...' -> 'promotes a more fluid'
> - 'The addition of Robots, and Gadgets' -> 'The addition of Robots and Gadgets'
> - 'Wave platorm' -> 'Wave platform'
> - 'customizablilty' -> 'customizability'
> - 'WiaB) -> 'WIAB'
> - 'reference impelemntation' -> 'reference implementation'
> - 'other wave related' -> 'other Wave related'
> - 'The wave project' -> 'The Wave project'
> - 'better documenation' -> 'better documentation'
> - 'joiing the comunity' -> 'joining the community'
> - 'please se the Get Involved page' -> 'please see the Getting Involved'
> About page:
> 'Wave Federation protocol' -> 'Wave Federation Protocol'
> 'Google's attempt to create integrated' -> 'Google's attempt to create
> an integrated'
> 'more efficient then email' -> 'more efficient than email'
> 'the messages arnt literally' -> 'the messages aren't literally'
> '10 different copys' -> '10 different copies'
> 'itself a already well' -> 'itself an already well'
> 'but its important to understand' -> 'but it is important to understand'
> 'underlyeing' -> 'underlying'
> 'and server's that supported it' -> 'and servers that supported it'
> 'FedOne Allthough Googles own server' -> I think this is meant to be a
> new heading 'FedOne' with a line starting 'Although Google's own
> server'
> 'they did release "FedOne" was a reference' -> 'they did relase
> "FedOne" as a reference'
> 'there is still a few amateur' -> 'there are still a few amateur'
> 'Wave In a Box' -> 'Wave in a Box'
> 'potential use's' -> 'potential uses'
> 'combined with a many people' -> 'combined with many people'
> 'Apache Waves main focus' -> 'Apache Wave's main focus'
> 'Wave-In-A-Box' -> 'Wave in a Box'
> Getting Involved page:
> Title 'Getting Invovled' -> 'Getting Involved'
> 'Thanks for your interest' -> 'Thank you for your interest'
> 'involved to to joing the' -> 'involved is to join the'
> 'It is here where we discuss the code, protocols design, plans for the
> future, and the health of the community.' -> 'It is here where we
> discuss the code, design the protocols, plan for the future and
> consider the health of the community.'
> - 'Requriements Discussion' -> 'Discuss Requirements'
> Mailing Lists page:
> 'disucss code' -> 'discuss code'
> 'collectiely' -> collectively'
> 'the mailing lis' -> 'the mailing list'
> Demo Servers page:
> 'varying degree's of stability' -> 'varying degrees of stability'
> That should be enough fixes for one email. :)
> Ali
> On 12 June 2012 17:03, Michael MacFadden <> wrote:
>> All,
>> I have made some updates to the web site.  They can be viewed in the staging build
>> Let me know what you think.  I will publish these changes after I get some feedback.
 There is more work to be done (lots) but I think this looks a little nicer than what I had
done before.
>> ~Michael

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