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From Paulo Pires <>
Subject Re: Maven built WIAB running!
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 22:18:30 GMT

On 06/06/12 23:08, Svante Schubert wrote:
> On 06.06.2012 23:54, Ali Lown wrote:
>> Svante,
>>> 1) There is a not a single test taken over. I suggest to dispatch the
>>> given test sources to "/src/test/" of each module
>> This is indeed a problem, but I suspect was done simply to quicken the
>> process of getting the main code working first.
> Might be dangerous when you are doing several additional enhancements,
> as you can not nail down the regression to a single change.

We are not adding enhancements so far. For instance, the patch I've
referred to on WAVE-310 is on a different branch that's not the master
(in my project at Github). So tests shouldn't fail, as long as one puts
them were they rightfully belong.

>>> 2) When is this milestone planed to be rejoined with the main Apache
>>> project?
>> I have no idea on this. Once it becomes stable it will be considered,
>> but is a pretty major upheaval of the codebase kept at Apache.
> If no data/information is lost and all tests are running, there should
> be no reason IMHO to hold it back.
> Are you still taking over the changes made to the main trunk?

Yes. Since the effort I forked was more than one year old, one of my
primary goals was "if I'm going to take this task I want to do it with
all changes up to this point". And so I did. I've updated the code up to
to a couple weeks or so. We'll be merging changes from the last week in
M2 and keep up with whatever may land in the upstream project.

>>> 3) If GIT is finding such an attraction why not asking the
>>> infrastructure team to move this project over to GIT. Would ease merging
>>> (in the future)..
>> Last time we looked into this, the Apache Infrastructure was not fully
>> setup to properly handle git due to the backend of Apache being based
>> around Subversion. Some changes had been made to allow compatibility
>> with 'git svn x' (e.g. the mirror over at github). I don't know if
>> Apache is ready to offer projects full git-only support yet.
> At the Iden of March the first round of projects was already moved.
> You should email the infrastructure list requesting access to Git for
> your project.
> PS: I see the amount of work you have done. Despite all my criticism, I
> appreciate very much what you have done!

Thank you so much, once again. Keep the criticism and suggestions coming
as it will help us to get a better job done :-)

> Cheers,
> Svante

Paulo Pires

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