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From Petter Lundgren <>
Subject wiab feedback
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2012 19:18:36 GMT

So we have been using WiaB for about two weeks now in our company and would like to give some
feedback back, and hopefully you can help answer a few questions/concerns.
First off, lets note its not the absolute latest checkout from svn that is running our server(svn
says its revision 1301403 from 16th of March). Also, i used the default server-config.xml
from that time (with the exception of course that we use our external ip as “http_frontend_public_address”
and our local ip as “http_frontend_addresses”. Not entirely sure of the difference between
these two options, but that was the only setup that worked for us, if we wanted to access
the wave both on our local network and from the outside. Otherwise we got a socket bind error,
address already in use. Is this expected, or is there a misconfiguration on our part?)
If its of any use the server is running on a Mac OS X server, and we are at max 7-8 people
using the wave simultaneously.

Our main concerns is stability, every 2 days or so (sometimes shorter), we have to restart
the server. The login page comes up fine but after you login it just sits there unable to
retrieve any waves at all, it just sits there trying to load infinitely. After a restart,
it works once again as expected. One time after a server restart though, we lost all waves
& messages since the last server restart. (When shutting down the server, i merely Ctrl+C
in the terminal, is there a way to do a more “graceful” shutdown/restart?) From looking
around i also see there is MongoDB as a storage option, would this help in any way? Or is
ordinary file storage sufficient?

Every now and then (usually when there are more people active/writing at the same time it
seems) waves seems to stop being updated for one person and he has to logout/login again to
see the other users updates. I don't know if this is related at all, but at times the terminal
seems to get spammed with warning: “websocket is not connected”
Are these issues known? Or have we misconfigured something? If so any and all help/ideas are
much appreciated.

Minor Issues:
Every now and then other users posts shows up posted or edited on “Jan 1 1970”, but gets
updated/corrected after some time.

Not sure if this is something Wiab can do something about, but when you post an attachment
when connecting from our external ip, local users cant click it directly but have to manually
copy the link and change the address to use the local ip to be able to download the attachment
(same thing the other way around too admittedly) 

Also is there any way to delete/archive an empty wave or any wave for that matter?

Sorry this turned out to be quiet long, but we really love wave, and don't want to stop using
it! I’ll gladly provide more info if needed. Just tell me what and where to find it. 
Best Regards

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