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From Ali Lown <>
Subject Re: Re-design for WIAB Login page
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 20:18:05 GMT
> The main motivation is clean it up and add some space for "Admin"
> notification messages along with some social content - like G+ buttons

I put admin messages (mostly just a changelog) on the left-hand side
of the login page where the 'welcome to WIAB' message/image normally
sits. I find this works quite well since the users always see it when
they go to login.
I don't like the idea of putting G+ buttons in as a default. That sort
of feature should be left to the server admin to add (only requires
changing a static file anyway), WIAB itself has no reason to provide
that out of the box.

> etc...  Maybe also add a panel on the top of the page that will allow the
> admin to display some urgent messages to the users - like server shutdown
> for maintenance.

Possibly worth doing. Though any maintenance would be scheduled days
in advance, so doesn't have much need to be put on the WIAB panel page
(using up precious screen space there), when it could be put on the
login page which everyone already sees.
If the shutdown is super-critical, it is quite likely WIAB is already
not functioning correctly, so putting a message on the panel page
isn't going to help since it will disappear when the server gets
rebooted (PS: This seems to fix most problems with WIAB).

Just my thoughts, not sure what others think...


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