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From Thomas Wrobel <>
Subject Re: Starting project: Mobile client
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2011 11:02:29 GMT
Its certainly possible to write a native client in android using
websockets or socketIO - however the tricky bit is what your sending
via them and processing the response's.

My own application demands a native client, as I'm dealing with 3d and
camera manipulation, however wouldn't even a simple mobile web-based
client be limited to one server? (compared to a native client which
could connect to any the user wishes). Also offline caching/sycning
seems ruled out with a web app at least for the moment.

On 5 April 2011 12:49, Scott Wilson <> wrote:
> On 5 Apr 2011, at 11:34, Zachary “Gamer_Z.” Yaro wrote:
>> While web clients and data API clients would obviously be easier to write, I
>> think it would be difficult to get people to adopt the wave protocol and
>> WIAB unless native clients with full real-time editing are available.
> Mobile Safari in IOS4 supports websockets[1] I think does latest Android - so real-time
editing should be possible.
> (Hmm, maybe I should try doing a wave-node[2] mobile client demo...)
>> That said, I would love to see _any_ Android client, and I am glad there is
>> interest in developing one.
>> —Zachary “Gamer_Z.” Yaro
>> On Apr 5, 2011 5:54 AM, "Giacomo Piva" <> wrote:
>>> Ok, You mean porting client API to C language? this is a good starting
>> point, if someone have some experience and want spend some emails to show me
>> how to do it I would
>>> Giacomo
>>> Il giorno 05/apr/2011, alle ore 11.05, Chris Mear ha scritto:
>>>> On 4 April 2011 21:56, Giacomo Piva <> wrote:
>>>> <snip>
>>>>> The main problem with iPhone development is the "closure" to third-part
>> frameworks and library also (for what I can understand at the moment) the
>> only way to develop an iPhone native client application is using HTTP
>> Protocol isn't it? do you think it is possible to develop a client using the
>> HTTP protocol and not the Python or Java client library?
>>>> You're right that it'd be difficult (perhaps impossible) to get Python
>>>> or Java code into an app on the App Store.
>>>> However, you're not restricted to HTTP networking; you can write C
>>>> code that reaches right down to the BSD sockets API if you want.
>>>> Chris
> [1]
> [2]

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