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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: moving forward...
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 15:56:14 GMT
On 1/5/06, Bill Dudney <> wrote:

> I don't recall seeing anything from Bruce on moving things over to
> SVN, from what I recall we had consensus on moving the history it was
> merely a matter of the work of kicking off the migration.
> Bruce what is the scoop on that? Am I wrong, if not is it possible to
> get an ETA on getting the history into SVN?

I was simply waiting for a final decision on the vote and so far the
votes have not been tallied by Jules. In addition, I am not sure that
I have the proper permissions to complete all the work in getting the
full history from Codehaus CVS --> ASF SVN. I'll need to make a
request of Geir to grant me that karma and I hazard a guess that he
won't do so until he sees a solid decision on this topic in public on
this list. But I'm not sure that even this will be enough to persuade
him as he was awaiting a decision over the history import discussion
over on general@incubator. He made a request in the discussion thread
for a clear statement on the policy and Noel replied that one cannot
be made until the debate is finished.

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