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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: -1 on checkin of 368344 was Re: [wadi-dev] Clustering: WADI/Geronimo integrations.
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2006 15:54:13 GMT
I didn't finish #4..sorry...

4) Your integration of setting the manager (no matter what) is a direct
clash with the Tomcat clustering components (GBeans).  We need a more
unified approach to selecting a clustering component.

Jeff Genender wrote:
> Hi Jules.
> A few comments.  First, you made changes without discussing them on the
> dev lists.
> As per the discussions in the past, both Aaron and David Jencks, as well
> as I threw in our .02 on how to integrate the clustering.  I would
> appreciate you discuss code ideas and changes that have such a drastic
> impact on the Geronimo code base.  Here are the issues with your check in:
> 1) I explained before for Jetty, and obviously now I need to do it for
> Tomcat, a -1 on Axion as a dependency.  There should not be any web
> application dependencies injected at the container level.  This means
> there is a severe architectural issue with WADI when we are injecting
> these dependencies into the container.
> 2) You hard coded in org.codehaus.wadi.tomcat55.TomcatManager as the
> distributablesession manager in the TomcatContainer.  Hardcoding a
> pluggable session engine is very bad, and defeats the pluggability of a
> configuration that we requested.
> 3) You placed in the code, and Aaron worked pretty hard to
> clean those up.
> 4) Your integration of setting the manager (no matter what) is a direct
> clash with the
> Jules, I am giving a complete -1 of checkin of 368344.  These are all
> for technical reasons.  Please back out these changes, and bring this
> discussion to the Geronimo lists as this needs some significant
> discussion for implementation.  I would appreciate that you please
> involve the Apache way and open discussions on the lists before doing
> this sort of thing in the future.
> Again, I will CC the G lists to make this clear, that I would like this
> change backed out.
> Jeff
> Jules Gosnell wrote:
>> Here is a list of outstanding issues associated with this work:
>> - ActiveMQ's shutdown hook seems to trigger when Geronimo is shutdown,
>> removing AMQ before WADI - WADI doesn't like this. I have added a
>> property to the script which suppresses this behaviour. I will
>> document it in the Getting Started doc.
>> - There 'may' be issues with nodes finding each other, when a Geronimo
>> node is introduced into a WADI cluster - investigating.
>> - Jeff - you should look over the changes and make sure that they do not
>> impact on any other TC fn-ality. They were done with Emacs, so the
>> formatting may be offensive. Please feel free to make them your own and
>> bring any issues back to the list. The WADIGBean, is no longer used, so
>> you may want to remove this from the repo.
>> - Jan and Jeff - since this config is now done on the container bean and
>> not in the geronimo-web.xml, you may no longer need to implement your
>> own geronimo-web.xml schemas (I haven't looked very closely at TC). You
>> may want to consider this and perhaps lose them.
>> - In order to get the same webapp to work in all containers
>> (tomcat5[05], jetty[56], geronimo-[tomcat/jetty], jboss-tomcat), I had
>> to move deps back to Geronimo container-level. These include Axion,
>> which I know will upset Jeff. As I have stated before, WADI's dependence
>> on Axion is easily removed. If Jeff or anyone wants to look at replacing
>> it with Derby, it is fine with me, as long as they do some testing and
>> confirm that having created a session on a single node and restarted it,
>> the session survives (if the DB is still running). This needs to be
>> tested on all supported containers. Axion was used because it is an
>> in-VM DB (so imposes no further integration dependencies on the Getting
>> Started stuff and is useful for unit-testing) and was in use by Geronimo
>> at the time. So I suggest that any replacement needs to also be able to
>> run in-vm aswell. As we go further and move WADI's actual configuration
>> from the app to the container-level, these issues will disappear and
>> WADI will be able to be hooked to whatever persistance mechanism is
>> shipped in Geronimo by default.
>> - Jan & Jeff , you may want to consider pushing some of this session
>> manager selection code up into a shared GeronimoWebContainer abstraction
>> so that you don't both end up maintaining similar but diverging code...
>> - I may have overlooked a couple of issues. If I come across them, I
>> shall post them.
>> Further work on Geronimo integration :
>> - more testing
>> - make a new WADI release and update geronimo-trunk to use it
>> - look at applying diffs to a G1.0 tree and producing a binary patch for
>> 1.0 distros.
>> - update website and release it
>> Jules
>> Jules Gosnell wrote:
>>> Guys,
>>> Jan and I have just refactored the Geronimo Jetty and Tomcat
>>> integrations to take the same approach to the installation of a 3rd
>>> party session manager, to ease the integration of WADI. This is now
>>> checked in on Geronimo's trunk.
>>> Each top level web container GBean now supports a pair of attributes -
>>> LocalSessionManager and DistributableSessionManager. These may be used
>>> to override the container's choice of SessionManager for webapps with
>>> and without the <distributable/> tag present in the WEB-INF/web.xml,
>>> respectively.
>>> The attributes expect to be given a classname, if required, this class
>>> will be loaded and instantiated. The resulting instance will be used
>>> as the session manager. If not provided, the container will use a
>>> sensible default. Currently Jetty and TC are set up to use their own
>>> default session managers in the local case and the correct WADI
>>> session manager in the distributable case.
>>> This means that the same WADI-enabled webapp, with its plan held
>>> internally (WEB-INF/geronimo-web.xml) may now be hot-deployed on
>>> either a Jetty or a Tomcat based Geronimo, without changes :-)
>>> I will post specific WADI issues to the WADI dev lists
>>> (,
>>> This shouldn't be seen as a final position on the subject - there is
>>> still much to talk about, but is a useful interim step, that allows us
>>> to have something working whilst we figure out how to go forward.
>>> Enjoy,
>>> Jules

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