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From Jules Gosnell <>
Subject Re: activemq 4 - snapshot & peer
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 16:20:29 GMT
Jeff Genender wrote:

>Jules Gosnell wrote:
>>I refer you to my mail 'moving forward...' of 04/01. Penultimate
>>paragraph - nothing has changed.
>Hi Jules,
>Apparently there appears to be a wall with respect to communication
> addition to a bit of abrasiveness...not to mention a bit of
>road blocking.  So lets try to start fresh here...and work as a team
>instead of a battlefield...
>Since there are several folks here who want to move forward, we are all
>anxious to get the rest of this into the incubator.
>Apparently certain things have occurred...IMHO...most of your
>requirements have occurred.  At this point, the WADI website at codehaus
>is broken and we have a nice one running at the it would
>appear the site has moved due to the broken issues.
>One of our champions has also said you can put your history into the
>incubator.  So, if I understand correctly, you, Jules, have agreed to
>merge Bill's changes from the incubator into Codehaus...then it is
>finally up to you to import everything into the incubator.  If I
>understand this correctly, this falls squarely on you at the moment.  So
>when people on the team are asking you for a timeline, it is
>unfortunately because you are in full control of this.
>I don't think my requesting an update from you on what is done and what
>is left is unreasonable...and being referred to an email does not help.
> Please go over what is now left, and what needs to be done as of today,
>so that everyone is in sync, and we can delegate.  I simply ask that
>your list be filled with reasonable requests.  Having a Geronimo working
>example checked in at the HEAD is, IMHO, not a reason to block the move
>to the incubator.  After this, there should be no reason why a plan
>cannot be drawn up for timing for when this will be finalized.
>Is this a reasonable request?

I appreciate the conciliatory tone of this mail, but I really am not 
going to be drawn back into this thread.

 From the CodeHaus side, I have stated clear prerequisites to the move. 
I am sorry if you are not satisfied with them or have not read them.

As well as the technical issues involved, I am finding the bandwidth 
devoted to the issue extremely oppressive. I genuinely believe that you 
are rushing the move against the best interests of the project. This is 
causing me great concern.

I have tried to declare a time out, as has Geir.

All I see is continued pressure from you to complete the move.

At the moment, I am not happy.


"Open Source is a self-assembling organism. You dangle a piece of
string into a super-saturated solution and a whole operating-system
crystallises out around it."

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