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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: activemq 4 - snapshot & peer
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 15:29:40 GMT

Jules Gosnell wrote:

> Jeff,
> I refer you to my mail 'moving forward...' of 04/01. Penultimate
> paragraph - nothing has changed.
> Jules

Hi Jules,

Apparently there appears to be a wall with respect to communication addition to a bit of abrasiveness...not to mention a bit of
road blocking.  So lets try to start fresh here...and work as a team
instead of a battlefield...

Since there are several folks here who want to move forward, we are all
anxious to get the rest of this into the incubator.

Apparently certain things have occurred...IMHO...most of your
requirements have occurred.  At this point, the WADI website at codehaus
is broken and we have a nice one running at the it would
appear the site has moved due to the broken issues.

One of our champions has also said you can put your history into the
incubator.  So, if I understand correctly, you, Jules, have agreed to
merge Bill's changes from the incubator into Codehaus...then it is
finally up to you to import everything into the incubator.  If I
understand this correctly, this falls squarely on you at the moment.  So
when people on the team are asking you for a timeline, it is
unfortunately because you are in full control of this.

I don't think my requesting an update from you on what is done and what
is left is unreasonable...and being referred to an email does not help.
 Please go over what is now left, and what needs to be done as of today,
so that everyone is in sync, and we can delegate.  I simply ask that
your list be filled with reasonable requests.  Having a Geronimo working
example checked in at the HEAD is, IMHO, not a reason to block the move
to the incubator.  After this, there should be no reason why a plan
cannot be drawn up for timing for when this will be finalized.

Is this a reasonable request?


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