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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: back from hols...
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 15:32:51 GMT
Hi Jules, and welcome back...

I think Geronimo integration needs some open discussion.  I think there
is general consensus of a wadi configuration and a common
geronimo-web.xml integration.  I think there is significant discussion
on gbean-izing the Spring configuration for Geronimo.

We also need to discuss the steps for moving the code base.  Bill has
already done some significant work, along with working with the Active
Cluster guys and submitting patches, etc.  We need to somehow merge from
what Bill has done in Apache with the Codehaus stuff.  It would appear
that most of this stuff will merge since you worked on the scripts and
doc, and he worked on the code.  The sooner we get this done, the less
of a chance of some real issues.  I hope this can be a top priority for
the team.

Bill has also done a great job of getting a significant portion of the
incubator site moved over from codehaus.  I think the new one looks
great and we should talk about when it will become official.  You can
view the site here:

Lets please address the code and site movement as we all agreed previous
to the holidays.  The longer we delay this, the more difficult this
process will be.

Thanks and we look forward to getting this incubator project running
full speed ahead.


Jules Gosnell wrote:
> I'm back.
> I'm throwing all my time at sorting out the Geronimo integration and
> WADI fn-ality for a few days.
> I have joined the history thread on incubator.general.
> I will pick up threads on this list over the next couple of days.
> I hope everybody had a good xmas and new year.
> Jules

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