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From Bill Dudney <>
Subject Re: back from hols...
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 16:37:47 GMT
Hi Jules,

On Jan 3, 2006, at 9:00 AM, Jules Gosnell wrote:

> Jeff Genender wrote:
>> Hi Jules, and welcome back...
>> I think Geronimo integration needs some open discussion.  I think  
>> there
>> is general consensus of a wadi configuration and a common
>> geronimo-web.xml integration.  I think there is significant  
>> discussion
>> on gbean-izing the Spring configuration for Geronimo.
> yes, but I am not keen on making any further changes until what we  
> currently have works.
> I am working on making it work.
> I will report back to the list when I have results.
> After that, I will be open to debate on how we go forward.
>> We also need to discuss the steps for moving the code base.
> well, I guess we have delegated that decision to the incubator  
> folks now...

Not entirely - if we choose to leave the history on codehaus there is  
no debate, no need to involve the incubator folks just fix wadi in  
the apache svn. Perhaps we could carry this discussion over to the  
cvs history thread?

>>  Bill has
>> already done some significant work, along with working with the  
>> Active
>> Cluster guys and submitting patches, etc.  We need to somehow  
>> merge from
>> what Bill has done in Apache with the Codehaus stuff.
> Thanks Bill,
> Why don't we just leave it to Bill to check it in to codehaus ?
> Bill - are there any issues ?

Yes - the biggest being that changes have already been checked into  
the apache SVN particularly the m2 directory reworking which prevent  
the easy migration back to CVS. There are others but they are much  
more easily overcome. Again we should probably move this discussion  
over to the cvs history thread as there are several issues we need to  
nail down.

> If we are talking AMQ4, then, I guess we will need a new module -  
> as until Geronimo moves onto AMQ4, we will have to support both 3  
> and 4. I was already preparing to split out AMQ3 into another  
> module anyway...

Its more than simply an AMQ module (one for 3 and one for 4) there  
are differences between ActiveCluster too between 1.2 and 1.3.

I don't see an easy way to an AMQ module. There are no interfaces  
between WADI and AMQ to allow that. Perhaps we could rework to be on  
ActiveCluster api's only but I still see that as a significant amount  
of work. If I'm wrong please elaborate.

>> It would appear
>> that most of this stuff will merge since you worked on the scripts  
>> and
>> doc, and he worked on the code.  The sooner we get this done, the  
>> less
>> of a chance of some real issues.  I hope this can be a top  
>> priority for
>> the team.
>> Bill has also done a great job of getting a significant portion of  
>> the
>> incubator site moved over from codehaus.  I think the new one looks
>> great and we should talk about when it will become official.  You can
>> view the site here:
> Thanks again to Bill.
>> Lets please address the code and site movement as we all agreed  
>> previous
>> to the holidays.  The longer we delay this, the more difficult this
>> process will be.
> Code movement is waiting on the incubator list.
> I don't see much point in moving the website until the code is  
> moved, since the website is generated from the code and is full of  
> references to e.g. mailing lists, code repos etc.
> Has there been any movement on importing mailing list archives ? I  
> see this as an important step in completing the xfer of the mailing  
> lists.

I thought we had decided that we'd point to legacy archives and get  
the apache lists archived as well? Did I miss something?


Bill Dudney
MyFaces -
Wadi -

> Jules
>> Thanks and we look forward to getting this incubator project running
>> full speed ahead.
>> Jeff
>> Jules Gosnell wrote:
>>> I'm back.
>>> I'm throwing all my time at sorting out the Geronimo integration and
>>> WADI fn-ality for a few days.
>>> I have joined the history thread on incubator.general.
>>> I will pick up threads on this list over the next couple of days.
>>> I hope everybody had a good xmas and new year.
>>> Jules
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> string into a super-saturated solution and a whole operating-system
> crystallises out around it."
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