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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Re: genericizing wadi deployment in geronimo
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2005 13:52:10 GMT

response at bottom..

Jules Gosnell wrote:
> Greg Wilkins wrote:
>> Jules Gosnell wrote:
>>> Would the spring xml need translating into gbean xml, or be passed as a
>>> value to a single gbean attribute ?
>>> The advantage of having a single WEB-INF/wadi-web.xml, is that it can be
>>> used to deploy the app on any number of container/app-server
>>> combinations.
>>> I am very wary of going down any path which ceases to share a single
>>> common config with all other paths.
>> Jules,
>> the problem with keeping wadi-web.xml in geronimo and not having a
>> GBean is that you really make WADI a second class citizen of geronimo.
> I think we are talking at cross purposes, Greg.
> You are thinking in terms of 'a GBean' - I don't have a problem with a
> top-level GBean.
>> To have a GBean means that you will be able to link up with the
>> G mechanism for dependancies, management, monitoring etc. etc.
> sure - and I want to enable the exposure of any WADI pojo to these
> services - but via a Spring or XBean exporter - not by having to
> manually code a gbean wrapper for each one.
>> To have wadi configured via WEB-INF also makes very little sense if
>> you cluster EJBs without any webapplication at all.
> obviously :-) - and for ejb we would have to consider an alternative
> location.
> Continued thought and discussion is neede here - but hopefully, you guys
> now see where I am coming from. 

Sorry but nope.

I'm neutral on the question of one top level GBean giving access to 
all Wadi config, or having many GBeans each wrapping a WADI POJO.   Both should
be easy and the most appropriate one used (if wrapping is difficult, then this
is a flaw of GBeans).

If we have to come up with another mechanism for EJBs, then why not use it
for HttpSessions as well?   1 mechanism is better than 2!

What is the reason you want to keep wadi-web.xml when using wadi in Geronimo?


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