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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: [wadi-dev] Re: genericizing wadi deployment in geronimo
Date Fri, 23 Dec 2005 15:33:14 GMT

Jules Gosnell wrote:
> my main concern at the moment, still unresolved, is how we include
> configs for both Jetty and TC in the same WEB-INF/geronimo-web.xml - has
> anyone other than me tried this ? have they had any success ? how ?
> So, I see the issues as :
> 1). get the integrations to the point that the same webapp with a single
> wadi dd and multiple proprietary container dds can be deployed on all
> jetty, tomcat, geronimo and jboss configurations.
> 2), somehow integrate wadi and the distributable tag - I was thinking
> along the lines of a wadi-web.standard.xml and a
> wadi-web.distributable.xml, if wad is enabled (+wadi), it decides which
> to run, based on the status of the distributable flag (+/-) on the
> context into which it is loaded.
> 3) there was something else but...
> how does that sound ?

I think how this can be done is that the geronimo-web.xml can have a tag
called <cluster> or maybe <wadi-cluster>, or any other agreed upon tag.
 Then each of the builders will add their appropriate SessionManager or
Manager (depending on which container you are).  This will completely
get rid of the need for a gbean on the Tomcat side and will make the
geronimo-web.xml compatible on both containers.

The down side of this is the clustering is only at the context level for
Tomcat and does not allow you to bring this to the host or engine
levels.  This may be ok though, since it levels the playing field
between the containers.


> Jules
>> Jeff Genender wrote:
>>> I totally agree.  Lets talk more about ideas on this.
>>> Jan Bartel wrote:
>>>> Jeff,
>>>> I am thinking that what we've got checked into the 1.0 branch of
>>>> geronimo for wadi is a good start, but I'd like to see some of
>>>> the container specificity removed.
>>>> Ideally, a user shouldn't need to know or care if they're using
>>>> Jetty, Tomcat or WebContainerX in Geronimo.
>>>> So, I'd like to open discussion on how to move the wadi setup into
>>>> the generic web-app schema. I'm starting the discussion on this
>>>> list, but we could move it over to Geronimo if it's more appropriate.
>>>> Maybe the generic web-app schema should allow a SessionManagerGBean
>>>> to be specified, which we can specialize to a WADISessionManagerGBean
>>>> and a TomcatWADISessionManagerGBean and a JettyWADISessionManagerGBean?
>>>> Jan

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