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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: genericizing wadi deployment in geronimo
Date Fri, 23 Dec 2005 04:10:15 GMT

Jan Bartel wrote:
> Jeff et al,
> I've been thinking that what we need to generecize wadi
> for all web containers in geronimo is a GBean for a WADIService. The
> config that is currently done in the wadi-web.xml
> file could be moved out into this GBean. The GBean would go in
> the plan for the j2ee-deployer and the tomcat-deployer and jetty-deployer
> could reference that GBean.

+1...great idea.

> The user indicates that they want to use web clustering by
> putting the "distributable" tag in their web.xml. The tomcat-builder
> and jetty-builder look for that tag and if present hook up to the
> WADIService GBean and extract whatever information they need to
> enable WADI for the particular flavour of web container.
> The user could potentially use the current container-specific mechanisms
> that we have in place to plug in a different clustering mechanism if
> they didn't want to use WADI. In this scenario, the tomcat/jetty
> builders check the distributable tag and then check for overrides before
> hooking in WADI.
> Bit of a brief overview, but what do you think?

Excellent idea!  This really can work to make it common across containers.

> cheers
> Jan
> Jeff Genender wrote:
>> I totally agree.  Lets talk more about ideas on this.
>> Jan Bartel wrote:
>>> Jeff,
>>> I am thinking that what we've got checked into the 1.0 branch of
>>> geronimo for wadi is a good start, but I'd like to see some of
>>> the container specificity removed.
>>> Ideally, a user shouldn't need to know or care if they're using
>>> Jetty, Tomcat or WebContainerX in Geronimo.
>>> So, I'd like to open discussion on how to move the wadi setup into
>>> the generic web-app schema. I'm starting the discussion on this
>>> list, but we could move it over to Geronimo if it's more appropriate.
>>> Maybe the generic web-app schema should allow a SessionManagerGBean
>>> to be specified, which we can specialize to a WADISessionManagerGBean
>>> and a TomcatWADISessionManagerGBean and a JettyWADISessionManagerGBean?
>>> Jan

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