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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: [wadi-dev] Re: Move to Geronimo Incubator - PAUSED.
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 14:00:58 GMT
Sorry greg, I have to disagree completely with you.  I think that this:

A) Could have been discussed and if it truly was chaos (which I am not
so sure it was), then we probably could have worked together as a group.

B) Shows little respect to others' thoughts and opinions.

C) Dictatorship looks bad to everyone.

I think a pause easily could have been done to some degree, but not
sharing thoughts or even looking at the issues or mitigation strategies
with others is negative, IMHO, and surely does not follow the Apache way.

Greg Wilkins wrote:
> Jules Gosnell wrote:
>> I am awarding myself military command and declaring martial law. 
>> There is no vote here - but a few +1s would not go amiss :-)
> +1
> I do like to see that good old despot model put into action!
> But I have to say that I was rather surprised when the geronimo
> project started the general invite in the middle of the 1.0
> process.  1.0 has been hard enough without the extra chaos created
> by the move of multiple projects.
> A pause is going to cause no harm.

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