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From Eric Johnson <>
Subject GenXDM - of possible utility to the vxquery project?
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2012 16:46:45 GMT
Hi vxquery devs,

I have been working with a few other people on a Java-based Apache 
licensed, XML technology called "GenXDM" - where the "XDM" stands for 
the XQuery Data Model [1]. Given the name, it would seem to be relevant 
to the vxquery project.

The API and implementation together act as a bridge to existing XML 
"tree" models, such that they can be treated as trees conforming to the 
XQuery Data Model. Our approach uses a "bridge", such that the 
additional memory footprint is minimal (unlike a wrapper approach, which 
might create a wrapper "node" around each existing node).

As an example of the capabilities of the technology, we've ported the 
Apache Santuario project to use GenXDM [2], and delivered an API 
compatible implementation of the (almost) latest version of Santuario, 
but now it can process any XML tree that can be "bridged" using GenXDM - 
at the moment that includes Apache Axiom, DOM, and GenXDM's 
demonstration implementation that we call "Cx". And did I mention that 
it is API compatible - all the existing test cases pass unmodified?

You can read more about the technology from our project wiki [3], where 
you can also find a link to a Balisage paper that one of my colleagues 

Question - is this technology at all relevant to vxquery? If yes, I'd 
like to start a deeper discussion. If not immediately "yes", then I'm 
looking to understand why that is, and I'm hoping someone might help 
me/us out in understanding what we've missed.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my questions.

Eric Johnson


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