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From Eldon Carman <>
Subject Google Summer Of Code Update
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2012 01:41:33 GMT
This week has been dedicated to string functions. Below is a list of
functions and the progress for each one. Some functions are listed as
part of the section but have not been assigned.

    7.4 Functions on String Values
        7.4.1 fn:concat (patch submitted with an issue for future
changes once cast is completed)
        7.4.2 fn:string-join (patch submitted)
        7.4.3 fn:substring (patch submitted with an issue for future
changes once promote is completed)
        7.4.4 fn:string-length (patch submitted)
        7.4.5 fn:normalize-space
        7.4.6 fn:normalize-unicode
        7.4.7 fn:upper-case (patch submitted)
        7.4.8 fn:lower-case (patch submitted)
        7.4.9 fn:translate
        7.4.10 fn:encode-for-uri
        7.4.11 fn:iri-to-uri
        7.4.12 fn:escape-html-uri
    7.5 Functions Based on Substring Matching
        7.5.1 fn:contains (locally completed)
        7.5.2 fn:starts-with (locally completed)
        7.5.3 fn:ends-with (locally completed)
        7.5.4 fn:substring-before (in progress)
        7.5.5 fn:substring-after (in progress)

A bug was fixed in the UTF8 vxquery string that caused the string
length to return a incorrect value. Also includes an update to Hryacks
with two new functions that simplify calling charSize and
getStringLength from a UTF8StringPointable object.

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