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From Michael Stroucken <>
Subject Re: Installing tashi
Date Wed, 11 May 2011 01:43:46 GMT

I started an install of Tashi over the weekend on my machine. I have a 
script of the actions and configurations I did. I will post it here as 
soon as I clean out the control characters. The issues I had were as 

- The newest version of RpyC has changed its (example?) 
username/password authenticator to TlsliteVdbAuthenticator from 
VdbAuthenticator. Otherwise the interface is still the same, but the 
protocol is probably encrypted now. The fix for Tashi is either to use 
an older version of RpyC or change occurrences of VdbAuthenticator to 
- Getting Linux bridging to work properly was a little bit difficult. I 
think the fix here was to set forward and hello times on the bridge to 1 
and keeping the physical interface joined to the bridge and up, but 
without ip address. Have dhcp give an address to the bridge, which will 
become the host's access to the internet.
- The location of the brctl program has moved from /usr/sbin to /sbin on 
the development version of Debian I run on my machine. A small 
adjustment to the qemu-ifup script here.


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